Incorporated in 2014, thinkPeople Consulting Limited are human resources (HR) consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Our mission is to “support organisations in the proactive and effective focused management of their human capital.”

To realise this mission, we provide a broad range of human resources advisory and leadership development support to organisations in both the public and private sector.

Over the years, our services offerings have not been limited to the Kenyan market but have also extended to the region including Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa and Zambia.

Leadership Development Assessment

Our aim is to help individuals understand their natural tendencies and learn how to adapt them to fit their situation in the workplace


We seek to identify the right people through the adoption of a variety of techniques. This includes a competency/behavioural based selection criteria and the use of Subject Matter Experts


We support organisations implement changes that improve their efficiency and increase the value of their services.


Through a five stage frame-work, we work with our clients to unlock their potential to achieve their goals in business and life.


We work with our clients to formulate and implement strategies and policies to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently.

Who are We?

We create value, maximise growth and improve overall HR business performance through the formation of human management performance improvement strategies, frameworks and practices to identify, develop, attract and retain skilled workers to drive value for organisations.

We also work closely with individuals to facilitate self-awareness through our leadership development programme.

We deliver our services through a team of highly experienced HR professionals. Our approach is practical and pragmatic.